Lack Of a Training and Implementation Plan Will Kill Your Software Project

Let's face it, end users don't get any love when it comes time to implement that big, fancy new software. 

Everyone is too busy focusing on the cool features of the technology and whether or not it will work. 

Which should be a concern. 

But what's more of a concern is that when the software is put into place, none of the users know what to do on day #1. 

Because guess what?

The end user decides whether or not the project will be successful.

Not you.

Not your boss.

Not your boss's boss.

The users.

And if you've ever been part of a large software project, you now this to be true. 

"After reading Dead-Simple, Four Ingredients to a Successful Software Project, we were able to achieve a 90% user adoption rate and meet the go-live date."
Paul Otterstrom, Sr. Oracle Consultant

The problem is no one knows how to effectively train and prepare the organization for a go-live.

Training is typically left as a last minute "to-do" and users typically don't even see the new software until it's a couple of weeks away from go-live. 

This is unacceptable. 

Instead users should be involved with the project from the get-go. 

This book will show you how to do that while keeping your project on schedule. 

Below is a snippet of the contents inside this book:

Don't Do This For Your Next Software Project

If we agree that user readiness is a critical success factor, then here's what I don't want you to do for your next project:

Don't wait until until the last minute to get user feedback on the system.

You'll no doubt discover something that was missed and by then it's too late to turn back. 

Don't assume you've gathered all the requirements on your own. 

If you and your project team go out and gather requirements without involving the subject matter experts, you'll fail. 

Don't hold a final user training session without determining whether or not the users really understand the new system. 

Just because you've trained someone on how to use the new system doesn't mean they'll fully understand the why behind how you configured it nor will they remember what to do when it comes time to make a live transaction. 

Don't go-live without on-site support from the project team.

Seriously, just don't. You need to be there for the users. 

"I was working as a business analyst during our software launch. Throughout the project, the project team and users were constantly arguing over who's right when setting up the software. If only we would have had this playbook..."
Courtney VanHooser, OnPoint Consultants

If you've ever been frustrated by unorganized projects that leave people scrambling at the last minute and forcing you to make excuses for project delays, then this is your book. 

The Playbook You Need!

What if there was a proven system you could follow to ensure your software project was a success?

Announcing: Dead Simple, Four Ingredients to a Successful Software Project

This is the only playbook you need to ensure your current, or next, software project goes off without a hitch. 

It covers everything from how to gather system requirements to supporting the organization at go-live and the first month-end close. 

Plus everything in between. 

And it's the "in-between" that's going to set you apart from any other project manager in your organization. 

"I created this book for individuals who are tired of being frustrated with launching software projects. Take this book, follow the steps, and I guarantee you'll have a successful launch."
Carlos Aguilar, Creator of Dead Simple

If you're looking for a simple, pragmatic method of managing software projects then this book is for you. 

It's a common sense approach that me and a team of project managers developed over five years ago that has led to companies getting up to a 40% return on their investment with software projects.

These organizations range from mid-sized companies to large multinational companies with locations in over 35 countries and tens of thousands of employees.

And time and time again, we were able to implement software on time, within budget and without shutting down operations on the day of go live.

The bosses were happy.

The boss's boss was happy.

And most importantly, the end users were happy.

This entire blueprint, plus the consulting fees for executing it, costs companies more than $50k on an annual basis.

That's how valuable this is.


Because companies pay a shit ton of money for software like Oracle and SAP and if their projects are delayed, costs start adding up twice as fast (you've got to keep the project team together and the company is still using the old software).

The strategies and tactics in this book have been tested in the real world.

This isn't some dreamed up theory that I think will work for you. 

Heck, you can even take the concepts you learned from this book and become a highly sought after consultant for large software project and charge clients a pretty penny for your services.

I have full confidence that if you follow everything in this book for your project, you'll get results you never thought could be attained. 

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Basic Package


One Time Payment

Perfect for those who just want to learn the concepts in the book and how to manage a successful project.

  • 52 Page Book in PDF Format
  • Status Report Template
  • Trainer Assignment Template
  • Job Aid Template
  • Proficiency Task Template
  • Video Training to Set Up Google Forms to Collect User Data
  • (1) 30 Min Consultation to Help Implement Strategies


Bonus Package


One Time Payment

Ideal for those that are serious about achieving results and want the greatest odds of success with their project

  • 52 Page Book in PDF Format
  • Status Report Template 
  • Trainer Assignment Template 
  • Job Aid Template
  • Proficiency Task Template
  • Video Training to Set Up Google Forms to Collect User Data
  • (1) 30 Min Consultation to Help Implement Strategies


Rockstar Package


One Time Payment

The only choice for those committed to becoming a successful project manager in as little time as possible.

  • 52 Page Book in PDF Format
  • Status Report Template 
  • Trainer Assignment Template 
  • Job Aid Template
  • Proficiency Task Template
  • Video Training to Set Up Google Forms to Collect User Data
  • (1) 30 Min Consultation to Help Implement Strategies

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